Lekshmipuram college of Arts and Science, a reputed institution both in age and in academic excellence, stands up with greater pride in Kanyakumari District that lies at the Southern most part of India. It is rich green when viewed from internally because of its thick vegetation and the evergreen forest that covers the hills and mountains and externally surrounded by oceans, Indian ocean in the south, Bay of Bengal at the east and Arabic sea at the west. It impresses anyone with its green fields stretching for miles together, rubber estates and other plantations at the mountainsides and coconut groves along the seacoast. They give a happy blend of richly varied natural beauty and ineffable vigour of human life. Once, it was part of the Kerala State; but it has been annexed to Tamil Nadu for political reasons. Hence, it enjoys diverse culture and multilingual opportunities.

Lekshmipuram college of Arts and Science, Neyyoor, as named by its founders, is located in Lekshmipuram village of Mondaicaud town panchayath in Kalkulam taluk, the widest of all the four taluks in the district. The Headquarters is Eraniel, wherein the base of the College Administrative Agency is functioning. Colachel, historically important place from the deep of Travancore rulers. Hence, the natural harbour exists which is currently undertaken fishing harbour and plans to devlop to the international standard.. Mondaikad proudly offers an "Amman Temple", which is described as the "Sabarimalai of Women". The age-old AVM canal (along the coast) once connected Kanniyakumari District, Tamilnadu and Kerala state through water transport. Coconut groves, stretching along the coast, feed the people inland, whereas fishing feeds the coastal people. A good number of Higher Secondary Schools are located nearby the location of the college, which promote the students for higher education in the college. The "Indian Rare Earths Limited" at Manavalakurichy is a major industry of central government undertaking. The people of the locality mainly are ordinary labourers and coolies, who earn their daily bread in kiln factories. The women folk work for meagre daily wages in coir industries established along the coast.

The College is located 17 kilometers away from the District Headquarters, Nagercoil. The nearby main bus-stations are Monday Market, Colachel, Manavalakurichy and Karingal. The nearest railway station is at Eraniel – 3 km away from the College.

The College was established in June 1964 with a built-in area of 37 acres, thanks to the tireless and enthusiastic efforts of the leading members of the various communities living in and around the village of Lekshmipuram. Late Janab N.Sahul Hameed of Thuckalay deserves our special thanks because it is he who readily and generously donated his pucca building in which the present Administrative Office, Staff Rooms, Physics and Chemistry laboratories are located- a site of 6 acres in extent because of which alone the coming into existence of the College became possible. It was then a Second grade college affiliated to Madras University with pre-university classes. In 1966 it was upgraded as a first grade college with B.A History (English Medium), B.Sc. Zoology and B.Sc. Mathematics. Then, the establishment of Madurai Kamaraj University in 1966, brought many more new courses to the campus-B.A History (Tamil medium) in 1967, B.A. English Literature and B.Sc. Physics in 1979 and B.A Tamil Literature in 1980. At present, the college is affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, wherein fresh affiliations for new self-financing courses like B.Sc. Information Technology in 2001, B.Sc. Bio-chemistry in 2002, and B.Sc. Costume Design and B.Sc. Electronics in 2003 have been obtained. P.G. courses M.A.(tamil) and M.Sc.(Maths) were introduced in the acadmic year 2006-2007 and M.A.(Ebglish) and M.Sc(Physics) in 2007-2008. UG courses B.Com with Computer Application was intrudes in 2007-08. The college is non-autonomous and is enjoying non-minority status. The fee collected to any course is strictly in adherence to the government norms. Merit alone is the criterion for admission. At the same time the reservation to various categories is made as per government guidelines. All appointments are made in the aided-vacancies strictly in accordance with norms prescribed by the government through Employment Exchange.

The college is governed by a management which consists of a General Body of share-holders of different communities and a Board of Directors, which in turn elect an Executive Committee consisting of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Joint Secretary, a Treasurer and two members of: the executive committee. The college has also a college committee as per the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Private Colleges Regulation Act consisting of members from the Management, Principal, a representative from the University, two members from the teaching staff and one member from the non-teaching staff.

Name of the College
With full postal address
: Lekshmipuram college of Arts and Science,
Neyyoor-629 802.
Village : Manavalakurichi
Taluk : Kalkulam
Name of the
Educational Agency
: Lekshmipuram College Society
College Telephone No. : 04651-222224 (Principal), 04651-224781 (Self Financing)
Fax No. : 04651-223638
E.Mail Id : college_lpc@hotmail.com
Website : www. lpc.org.in
Name of the Principal : Dr. K.chithamparathanu pillai, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.phil.,Ph.D.
Cell : 9486114391
Year of Establishment : 1964
Autonomous/Non-Autonomous : Non-Autonomous
NAAC Accredited or Not : Re Accredited with B grade (2011 - 2016)