• Contributed Rs.l00,000/- for the construction of College Alumni Building in collaboration with the Parent-Teacher Association and Govt. of Tamil Nadu under the Self-sufficient Scheme.
  • Our College Alumnus Dr.S.Selvin Kumar, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., General Manager, White Sanda Corporation, Maryland, U.S.A., donated his books ”Great People and Greatest Moments” and “The Legendary Vera” to our college library.
  • Our college Alumni members participated in their interaction with NAAC Peer team on 10-12-2004.

  • Spent Rs.18,400/- towards the re-electrification and fitting of additional fans and tube-lights in the Lekshmi Seminar Hall.
  • Spent Rs.2,600/- for the additional electrification of the Alumni building.

  • Donated Rs.23,500/- for the construction of permanent sheeting in the Ladies’ retiring hall and for the boys.

  • College Alumni association donated a PC and 24 pin dot matrix TVS MSP-345 printer worth of Rs.30,600/- to the college office especially to the examination section to carry out examination and admission work.