Library can survive without an affiliation of a reputed educational institutions, however educational institutions of its own cannot service without a reputed library. The library of our College renders valuable service to the academic community consisting of both the teacher and the students. The total collection of booth in the library as on 31-3-2009 is 20019 (Twenty Thousand Nineteen) covering various disciplines and sizeable number of journals and periodicals to cater to the varied needs of the users. Library subscribes seven dailies for the benefits of readers.

The total collection includes 1099 books under Text Book Library and 856 books under Book Bank. It also has e-collection (CD’s) and the project reports. Efforts are being made to improve the e-collections. Routine works in the Library is partially automated using Autolib Library Software. The library shifted to UGC funded building. From the academic year 2008-09, a special section has been opened for Career Guidance and Competitive Examination, to improve the employment opportunities of students. Books worth of Rupees One Lakhs has been purchased and made available for reference. In addition to the General Library, each department has its own library collections maintained by the respective departments.


Dr. P.Saravanan, M.Sc., M.Ed, (UGC-NET), M.Phil., MLISC., (UGC-NET), M.Phil.
Mr. S. Thankappan, Library Assistant.


  1. N-List for accessing e-resources
  2. Internet
  3. Reprography
  4. Employment Alert Service
  5. Career Guidance Information

Library Rules

The following rules are meant for the benefit of the readers. So the library users are urged to follow them care fully.

  1. Every student of the College is eligible for membership of library.
  2. Strict silence must be observed within the library.
  3. The library shall be opened from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on all working days.
  4. Application for the issue of of books shall be made in the prescribed from and put in the boxes kept for the purpose before 10 a.m; so that books may be issued between 10 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on the same day.
  5. Books will be issued to the students only on presenting their identification card along with library tickets.
  6. Two books may be borrowed at a time for 15 days. If books are not in demand, they may be re newed for seven more days.
  7. Books must be returned to the library on or before the due date stamped on them., if not, a fine of 50 paise will be collected per day from the due date.
  8. The librarian can recall a book even before the date of expiry.
  9. The borrower is held responsible for any damage done to the books he borrows. There fore at the time of issue, the student should check up and satisfy himself that the books issued to him are in good condition.
  10. No students shall write upon, damage for make any mark upon any book or journal belonging the library.
  11. No one is allowed to sud-lend libra ry books he has borrowed or gets books on be half of the others.
  12. Reference books and periodicals should be read in the library or reading room only and must not be the taken out. After use they must be returned to the library assistant in person.
  13. Students must return their tickets at the end of their course or at the time of their leaving the college whichever is earlier.
  14. The loss of any book should be reported at once to the librarian.
  15. In case a book is lost, borrowers may either replace it by a new one or pay three times the cost of present value of book. If copies are not available in the market, the rate may be fixed by the librarian by considering the importance of book as fine.
  16. If a library ticket is lost a new ticket is lost a new ticket will be issued one month after the report of the lost on payment of Rs.10/- per ticket.
  17. Books will issued to the students on the following days noted against the classes.
    B.A. -Monday, Wednesday and Friday
    B.Sc. -Tuesday and Thursday
  18. Usually library books will be recalled before the semester Examination. So students are advised to take their notes well in advance.
  19. Readers can clarify their doubts with the librarian regarding different source materials, documents and in the subject in general and in particular.
  20. Every departments have departmental library. Students can also borrow books for the departmental library.
  21. No one is allowed to bring any other books or article inside the library.
  22. Library best user award is instituted from 2006-07for the best user endowment scheme in the name of “K.Parameswaran pillai Memorial library best user award”.
Department of Library
  1. Tamil
  2. English
  3. Physics
  4. History
  5. Mathematics
  6. Delf financing Courese